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  • How do I set up my personal home page?
  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I change my dialup/email password? (I changed my password on, but my dialup/email password stays the same!)
  • What are some tips for choosing a good password?
  • How do I configure Eudora?
  • How do I forward my mail to another account?
  • How do I set up Netscape for mail?
  • How do I set up Internet Mail?

    How do I set up my personal home page?

    If you do not know any HTML:

    If you do not know any html, you can use our Homepage Creator. Click on the link, follow the directions, and you'll have a new, personalized homepage in minutes.

    If you know HTML:

    After you've created your html documents, you need to upload them to your home directory. First, make sure you've named your main page index.html or welcome.html. Then, open up your FTP program (usually WSFTP for Windows, and Fetch for Mac) and connect to the host with your username (NOT "anonymous") and your password. Leave the Directory field blank, and you will be put into your own directory. After you put all your html and image files in your directory, you can go to your web browser and look at your page. Your web address will be:

    Tips for Mac users: When you upload files in Fetch you have to choose what format to upload in. For the html files you should choose TEXT. For image files choose RAW DATA.
    In the version of Fetch that we distribute, you cannot upload a folder by clicking the Put button to the right of the file listing box. You have to choose Put Folders and Files... from the Remote menu.

    See our SUPPORT section for information on CGI scripts you can use on your pages.

    How do I change my password?

    Important: Read our guide to choosing a password.

    You need a telnet program such as Ewan Telnet(for Windows) or NCSA Telnet (Mac). First make your connection to us, then open up your telnet program.

    1. Make a new connection to:
    2. Type your login: yourusername
    3. Type your password: yourpassword
    4. For terminal type: press return/enter or type vt100
    5. Then you'll see your prompt: ~ %
    6. At the prompt type: passwd and press return/enter
    7. You'll be prompted for your Old Password
    8. You'll be prompted for a New Password
    9. It will ask you for the new one twice, just to be sure you typed it correctly
    10. After the passwd program makes the changes, it returns you to your prompt
    11. You type exit or logout to exit

    If you do not have a shell account:

    If you do not have a shell account, follow the directions above to telnet into After you have typed your username and password, a screen like below will show up.

          Welcome to, our new UNIX shell machine.
          If you are seeing this message, it means that you either
          have never logged into the shell or have not logged in 
          within the past two months.  Due to a policy change, we
          are only supplying shell accounts on request.  There is
          no additional fee for this, just email
          and say "I want my shell!".  You must email from your
 account (use the pop server).  You can also reach
          us by phone at (212) 243-5200
                      --Inch Basic Command Menu--
               <?>      See this menu...
               <p>      Change Your Password...
               <q>      Check your quota...
               <l>      Logout...
                        ? - for help command:>
    After the prompt type p and hit return. First it will say, "changing local password for USERNAME", then it will ask for the Old password, then the new password.

    How do I change my dialup/email password?

    Currently, you must call technical support to change your dialup password. Technical support can be reached at (212)243-5200 x5, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please do not send your password request via email.

    How do I configure Eudora?

    Eudora is a program used for sending and receiving email. When using it for the first time, you need to enter some configuration information. Open the Eudora program, choose Settings from the Special menu or Options from the Edit menu and follow the directions below.

    1. POP Account:
    2. Real Name, again, is optional.
    3. Return Address:
    4. Dialup Username: Enter your username in lowercase letters.
    5. Done. Now click on Hosts.
    1. SMTP: Enter in lowercase letters.
    2. Ph and Finger: You don't need to enter anything here.
    3. That's it. Click OK. To check your mail with Eudora (you need to have first connected to the Internet Channel), go to the File menu and choose Check Mail. You'll be asked for a POP password - this is the same password that you use to log on.

    How do I forward my mail to another account?

    There are two ways you can do this: via FTP or from your shell account. If you've never used your shell account, then FTP is the easiest way to go. Here's how:

    If you do use your shell account, here's how to make a .forward from in the shell:

    Now to keep a copy in your inch account *and* forward to the other address as well, the .forward file looks like this:

    Note: You do need the "\" before the inch username.

    How do I set up Netscape for mail?

    1. Open Netscape, go to the Options menu and choose Mail and News Preferences.
    2. Go to the Servers section and fill in the following:
      Outgoing Mail(SMTP)server: (or
      Incoming Mail(POP)server:
      POP user ID: yourusername
    1. Go to the Identity section and fill in the following:
      Your email:
    2. Reply-to address:
    3. Press OK. You're done!

    How do I set up Internet Mail?

    1. Go to the Mail menu and choose Options.
    2. Click on the Server tab.
    3. For Email address, type "".
    4. For Outgoing Mail(SMTP), type "".
    5. For Incoming Mail(POP3), type "".
    6. Under Logon Settings, check "Logon Using:" and fill in your username and password.
    7. Click OK, you're done.