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I've checked and rechecked my new configuration, but my connection is still slow! What gives?
First, make sure that you've
  1. Upgraded with the new system configuration instructions,
  2. Followed the new DNS configuration instructions,
  3. Called your modem manufacturer's tech support number,
  4. Contacted Inch's tech support (212-243-5200),

If all of the above have turned up nothing, then chances are it's a telephone company problem.

We've seen issues where Nynex trunks (big lines carrying many connections) between point A and point B just don't handle data well, especially with users in 718. We're guessing that trunks between the Manhattan and Brooklyn are in need of additional capacity.

You probably see that the "ARQ" light is going on (showing a retransmission due to an error), most likely due to a poor connection. This is due to Bell Atlantic trying to squeeze as much as they can out of existing trunks. It doesn't affect voice to much, but wreaks havoc with data. It slows things down alot.

The thing to do is to call Bell Atlantic about this. They may be able to help. Make sure you tell them that you are seeing poor connection to a specific exchange (718)-807 or (212)-796. If they are unable to help, please email us the exchanges you are seeing the problems on (area code and first three digits of the phone numbers). We'll contact our phone company and see if they can somehow get a ticket open with Bell Atlantic.

I'm able to login, but why does it take such a long time (around 30 seconds)?
If it's taking you a long time to login, but you are able to login, look under "Networking Protocols" that you only have "TCP/IP" checked. If you have NetBUI or IPX also checked, Windows takes a long time to timeout and realize that those aren't available.
I'm getting a fast-busy signal when I try to to dial in. What do I do?
This is also called a "reorder" and is very likely a Bell Atlantic problem. Call Bell Atlantic (611), tell them:
  1. the problem,
  2. the number you're dialing from, and
  3. the number you're trying to reach.
I'm getting a "Not in service" message when I try to dial in. What do I do?
Listen for the trailer of the message. The trailer is some kind of cryptic code at the end of the message you get when you call. For example, "The number you have reached is not available at this time. 3B4D."

  • If it begins with "D", it is a problem with our phone company. Call Inch Technical Support at 212-243-5200 or email Tell us:
    1. the number you are dialing,
    2. the number you are dialing from, and
    3. the trailer.
    We will contact the phone company.
  • If it's some other trailer, call Bell Atlantic (611) and give them the number you're trying to reach and the trailer.
  • Why can't I get Dialup Networking to save my password when I dial in?
    This is an error that is common is Windows 95, and has been seen in Windows 98 as well. A thorough walk-through of this problem's resolution can be found at